Full List of IT Services Offered – depending on contracted packages:

  • Initial Security Assessment determines if any security issues exist within your network. We then formulate a plan to remedy those issues and stabilize your environment.
  • 24×7 Performance Monitoring ensures all of the critical network devices that comprise your small business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally.
  • Remote Backup Service regularly backs up your critical data to a remote location and provides retrieval services should you need them.
  • Service and Business Continuity ensures disasters won’t impact your access to critical data and applications. We implement multiple layers of data backup, protection and redundancy.It Services
  • Antivirus Monitoring and Updates on Servers and Workstations ensures your antivirus programs are functioning properly and that the latest industry security updates to your systems are being received and installed.
  • Patch Management ensures all of your Windows servers and PCs have the most up-to-date security and system patches, helping to optimize performance and minimize security risk.
  • Monthly Network Health Review dedicates time to review reports and issues that are important to the ongoing performance of your network. We translate technology into business terms for you.
  • Vulnerability Scanning Plan determines if your network has any security weaknesses that could be exploited. If detected, a remediation plan will be enacted to maintain security.
  • Firewall Management continually manages the operation and effectiveness of your corporate firewall. A complex system that needs thorough attention to keep your business secure.
  • PC Health and Performance Monitoring verifies your organization’s computers are running in a stable and secure fashion. We monitor for health, error conditions, and overall performance of PCs.
  • Website and Internet Monitoring ensures your ISP or Web site host is meeting its stated guarantees and that you receive the level of availability and service you are paying for.
  • Wireless Networking ensures that mobile devices are working properly so that your employees can do their jobs. We configure and manage their wireless and handheld systems.
  • Mobile device Management – Tracking and securing mobile devices.  We can then remotely wipe their data if stolen or lost.

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